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Great counting book~ sequal to Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom. Also teaches place value-- with a twist of adventure and fun.
I Love Our Earth (paperback English/Spanish) edition
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Take your  kids on a world tour as we look at children around the world!


Celebrate our beautiful home in this joyous, poetic bilingual tribute to the Earth's colors, climates, and seasons. Panoramic photographs capture the majesty of nature from swirling deserts to curling ocean waves. Close-ups reveal quieter treasures like springy moss and sunlit leaves. Tying all these wonders together are the faces of children from around the globe, reflecting our shared connection to the planet. Warm, approachable text throughout makes this perfect for read-alouds and for youngsters just beginning to read independently. A gorgeous gift for Earth Days and birthdays.

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The story behind our classic poetry collection...