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Great counting book~ sequal to Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom. Also teaches place value-- with a twist of adventure and fun.

How William I. Martin became Bill Martin Jr


He came into the world as William Ivan Martin.  The William was his father's name, Ivan was inspired by his mother's name, Iva.

In school, friends and teachers called Billy.  But all this changed when William I. Martin enrolled for classes at Emporia State Teacher's College.  One morning the registrar called him in and asked "what is your middle name?  You failed to provide it on the admissions paperwork, and we need it for our records."  

Bill had left his middle name off on purpose--kids had always kidded him when they learned his middle name was Ivan.   Still embarrassed by his name, Bill answered "I haven't one."  "Oh, then you must be a junior--I see your dad's name is William Martin, too."  Not knowing what "Jr" meant, Bill said yes."

Thus, Bill Martin Jr was born...a name that has captivated generations of children.

Children love the sound of his name--and pronounce it as one name.  It does have a ring to it--and separates Bill from hundreds of other Bill Martins!


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